Our Story

Travel is our life. Experiencing God’s creation is what gives us joy. For us, travel is an integral part of who we are as a couple. We believe that creating lasting memories together and having experiences that are outside of the realm of typical day-to-day routines is vitally important in any marriage, yet is too often overlooked in this busy world we live in.

The Love Song Couples Getaway came about from our desire to provide couples with a chance to break away from all of the to-do’s and distractions that we all face on a daily basis and present an opportunity to see the world together, fellowship with other believers, and “come apart to a deserted place and rest a while” (Mark 6:13). We are so thrilled that God has given us the opportunity to meet so many incredible couples along the way and that the Love Song Couples Getaway has had such a profound impact on the thousands who have travelled with us. We are living our dream and are thankful for the opportunity to share our love for God & travel with you.

Blessings & Grace,
Troy & Marisha Tyler

Over the Years…

  1. 2001Everlasting Tours was founded
  2. 2002First destination - Florida. Troy & Marisha met at church…
  3. 2003…and were married 2 years later!
  4. 2004Hawaii was added to the destinations
  5. 2005Collaborated with top travel experts in the world
  6. 2009Love Song Couples Getaway was imagined
  7. 2011Maui + Love Song Couples Getaway = PERFECTION
  8. 2012Love Song Couples Getaway hopped to the Big Island
  9. 2013Bahamas was added to the destination line-up
  10. 2014Bahamas & Maui were magical!
  11. 2015Kauai was released as new Hawaii destination
  12. 2016The Cove Bahamas added to 2017 getaway release
  13. 2017Cancun was added to the destination line-up
  14. Next…and the story continues… stay tuned!